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Security is HOT! Get Serious!!
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Michael in the Morning

Security is HOT!

Yes, that is something "we" have been saying for years. Finally, it seems that high-level business management is noticing that not securing systems and applications really does cost profit. OMG! - Securing systems is not just a bunch of Hype!

What has been going on?

My quick crystal ball (that sees perfectly into the past Foot in mouth) tells me - while the rest of us were sleeping and having pleasant dreams - the "hacking as a business" group has done some serious study on application and platform weaknesses. And, "today" we wake from our dreams to find ourselves living a nightmare. We dreamed we were safe. Maybe better is the lesson of the fable: "The King's New Clothes"and we are at the point where the King (our business management) realizes the royal house is walking around - well, you know! Wink

Last Updated ( Friday, 09 February 2018 )
HOWTO: reduce dependencies of OSS packages
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Tools for AIX

Reduce Dependencies? - Am I misleading you?

What I am really talking about is reducing the so-called "dependency-hell" when installing an OSS package. Somethimes they cannot avoided - but sometimes they can!

Shared Libraries - both a boon and a burden

When an OSS package uses another package this introduces a dependency. This means that to build, or install that OSS package the software it depends on needs to be installed first as well. When that also has a dependency the looping through packages to find (and install) grows.

A library such as (on Linix) or libc.a (on AIX) is extremely handy to have because, basically, if there is any part that depends on the C language it will need a "helper" function or procedure from libc.

Last Updated ( Friday, 09 February 2018 )
How I package OpenSource Packages
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The basics

Start with a fresh install of AIX – I focus on AIX 5.3 TL07 SP00.

The only “non-standard” packages are: openssh.base, bos.adt.insttools and bos.adt.libm. OpenSSH because I want it, bos.adt.insttools for the AIX command mkinstallp, and bos.adt.libm as it is needed by many things once you start compiling.

I also install my 'build' scripts – packaged as aixtools.buildaix (see

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 December 2017 )
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