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POWER7 - Latest Firmware Releases
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Verified: July 5, 2014

FW770.40 (HIPER) 26 June 2014
FW740.91 (HIPER) 24 June 2014
FW730.91 (HIPER) 24 June 2014
FW760.41 (HIPER) 24 June 2014
FW780.11 (HIPER) 23 June 2014
FW731.70 (SPE) 09 May 2014
POWER6 - Latest Firmware Releases
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Verified 05 July 2014

EH350_159 (HIPER) June 25, 2014
ES350_159 (HIPER) June 25, 2014
EM350_159 (HIPER) June 25, 2014
EL350_159 (HIPER) June 25, 2014

AIX lifecycle by Release
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I am sure you have seen the notice - it has been repeated for the third time now on Support Life Cycle Notice for AIX 6.1 Technology Level 7 and the nearly identical document Support Life Cycle Notice for AIX 7.1 Technology Level 1 (only the document numbers are different).

Have you also followed any of the links below in the documents. One leads to a ducument entitled AIX support lifecycle information .

An excerpt from this document makes me think, although unannounced, that now is the time to plan for migration to AIX 7.1, rather than just upgrade your AIX 6.1 TL level.

ATTCP - Another Test TCP program
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What is ATTCP?

Quick link: latest version is: aixtools.attcp.

ATTCP is a netwerk exercisor and, especially, bandwith measurement tool developed specifically for AIX (perhaps ATTCP also stands for AIX TTCP Innocent) and testing high-speed networks - e.g., 10GBit and faster.



With the arrival of 10GBit networks I was having a very difficult time getting reliable results when testing of the POWER virtual ethernets with and without VIOS; effect of settings such as largesend, etc.. I tried several very popular programs - such as iperf - but they were not reliable - the results were quite different each time I ran the program.

I was sure I could better.

Facts and Features - Power8
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Just out - sort of - POWER8 Facts and Features

If you cannot download the so-called "loaded" display is here

or, my favorite, traditional download  is here!

Performance links - Benchmark results loaded here or download the PDF here !

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