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I could kick myself...
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vgLog - Michael in the Morning
Written by Michael Felt   

I have been promoting RBAC since AIX 6.0 Beta. And RBAC Domains were, read are, a great addition. And I could really kick myself that

  1. I have let an extremely simple bug hold me back for years (read I did not find a truely simple workaround before now)
  2. I have not been beating at AIX Security support to fix it (as I shall now!!!)
Rsync fix corrupt downloads HOWTO
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ROOTvg Guide Topics - HOWTO: AIX
Written by Ozan Uzun   

I have a very old DS5K series storage. One day DS5K felt lonely, wanted to draw attention (a special kind of love!) and two disks failed at the same time.



Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 March 2016 )
Toolkit to install LDAP on AIX
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AIX - Tools for AIX
Written by Michael Felt   

The dream for this toolkit (named idsldap for IBM Directory Server LDAP) started back in 2012 - when I was presenting sessions on LDAP and AIX at the POWER Technical Universities - and I wanted some easy labs to encourage playing with different setups of LDAP on AIX.

Initially, the labs needed "all kinds of stuff" - read: a X-server - because the default installer was an X11 based app (look and feel 'Windows'). Besides the extra demands this made on the lab 'desktop' a GUI based installer was also slowish and the instructions were still just click here, take the default settings, etc..

So, I wanted - and started making something better that was a) text-based; b) quick (5 to 10 minutes); and c) easy to uninstall (i.e., start over).

At the Athens TechU (November 2013) I had it all ready for ITDS (aka IBM Tivoli Directory Server) packaging - and then SDS (aka IBM Security Directory Server) packaging appeared! Cry

Last Updated ( Friday, 25 March 2016 )
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