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AIX 7.2 First Impressions
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Just did my first install of AIX 7.2 from a virtual DVD (i.e., ISO image installed on a VIOS is an image repository) and my very first impressions are:

Installation menus

Looks like AIX install

Default language is no longer C/C/C but is now en_US and iso-8859-1 (and keyboard says undefined when I check in smit)

There options to install openssh client and server

CentOS for IBM Power Systems
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Centos 7 is out for Power Systems ( For Power 7 and 8)
apache httpd updated
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Latest Apache versions - repackaged to modern SSL, and more

  • I was at a customer this week - looking to automate installation of Linux on Power from AIX (nim) server.
  • Initially, we used NFS as a server protocol but what we wanted was http. I thought - "Great Opportunity to test my Apache HTTPD packaging" and so we did.

The install was not as smooth as I would have wanted - the libssl.a and libcrypt.a I originally linked against had members that the current libraries do not have and the programs would not load. While extracting, renaming, and adding a member name as expected could fix things I decided it was better to just go back and re-link so that the programs would load as expected.

  • The end result are new packages AND two "bundles" of bz2 tar archives of all the filesets needed to simplify download and installation!

So, looking for httpd-2.2.31 or httpd-2.4.18 - read on!

SVMON - Advanced basics - part 1
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SVMON - Advanced basics

Part 1

SVMON is the standard program for analyzing memory usage on AIX. SVMON - "The basics" - is what is covered in a AIX performance class (you see the arguments -G and -P and maybe a few more) but very little of the -O (options) that can be applied to get customized output.

In this "part 1" I will show how to get output similiar to commands taught/shown in a performance class - but customised so that units are in KB|MB|GB rather than in page/frame counts.

The -O option that modifies the output into so-called human-readable units is: -O unit=auto although I prefer being more specific to MB and use -O unit=MB
Distraction, Inspiration and Aspiration: Autotools and AIX
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Distraction: how does that become Inspiration?
Inspiration: when does that become Aspiring?.

Aspiration: My vision for GNU Autotools and AIX.
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