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Michael in the Morning

Nim Hands Free film restored
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I am happy to say - my Video (with narration) has been restored from a backup and the link in my "HowTo Install Nim Server" has been restored.
As a demonstration of "Hands Free Install" is shows you what you can have after having installed a NIM server! The article itself - goes - step-by-step - through the process of installation and setup of the key NIM resources - so that after that you can install AIX hands free!
OpenSSL updates - including AIX 5.3
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AIX 5.3 has been out of regular support for years - and if memory serves me - it is even out of the three year extended support.
As such I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that the ifixes referred to by OpenSSL Advisory #14 could be installed on AIX 5.3 (or 6.1 or 7.1) if you went to the AIX Web Packs portal to download the latest OpenSSL packages.
Apache HTTPD 2.2.31 available!
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I have been using my packaging of Apache HTTPD version 2.2.31 for about a week - to support * and * :smile:
See for more info. Requires openssl.base.1.0.1 which also works on AIX 5.3!
OpenSSH 6.9 Portable released
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  • OpenSSH 6.9 has been released. This release is primarily a bugfix release. The bigger news is about the plans for release 7.0 expected in Late July (2015).

From the release notes:
The 7.0 release of OpenSSH, due for release in late July, will deprecate several features, some of which may affect compatibility or existing configurations.

The intended changes are as follows:

8 New Packages/Applications in AIXTOOLS!
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Just finished packaging the following:

More info at
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