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CVE-2014-4343: AIX NAS denial of service vulnerability
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IBM First Issued : Thu Aug 28 03:15:00 CDT 2014 a security announcement that may affect you if you are using kerberos.

The CVSS score is 5.0 - Details below

To determine if your system is vulnerable, execute the following command to obtain the NAS fileset level:
lslpp -L krb5.client.rte
lslpp -L krb5.server.rte

The following NAS fileset levels are vulnerable:

A. CVE-2014-4341
All krb5.server.rte/krb5.client.rte fileset levels 1.5.0.* and are impacted

B. CVE-2014-4343, CVE-2014-4344
Only krb5.server.rte/krb5.client.rte fileset levels, and are impacted

Apache HTTPD RC 2.2.29
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The new release of Apache version 2.2.X is v 2.2.29. Offically this version is a release candidate - but for ASF an RC is basically a pre-release build of what is to come. In other words, if the version is rejected (as version 2.2.28 was because some of the updated documentation had not been included) the version number does not change to version 2.2.29.X - instead a new verison number becomes a RC - release candidate.

More details at: , software available at:

POWER7 - Latest Firmware Releases
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Verified: August 28, 2014

Now all the latest firmware updates address openssl related fixes, and for security purposes all are considered HIPER!

FW731.71 (HIPER) 23 August 2014
FW770.40 (HIPER) 26 June 2014
FW740.91 (HIPER) 24 June 2014
FW730.91 (HIPER) 24 June 2014
FW760.41 (HIPER) 24 June 2014
FW780.11 (HIPER) 23 June 2014
HOWTO: Collect performance baseline statistics
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Use nmon as basis for performance analysis

Update: fixed syntax errors in script. The find commands were never working!

Too often I visit customers and "discover" that they have one of many condiftions that make analysis of performance very difficult. Generally there is either too little, too much, or (too) different data collected to do a proper analysis. At the end of this article I provide a script as an example of how performance data collection can be standardized. In between I discuss the reasoning for the number of collections, as well as number and duration of the samples.

Although many customers have adopted the use of nmon for collecting performance statistics their collection process is rarely standardized. When it is standardized the intended detail of data is often lost in the reports because the defaults taken or chosen are not sized right.
Perl 5.20.0 for AIX - real soon!
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I blame it all on ApacheTest Wink because I was trying to test the latest version httpd-2.4.10 and was getting lots of errors. Of course, perl-5.8.2 and perl-5.8.8 are properly ancient - while perl-5.10.1 is merely past end-of-life.

In short, I needed to do my testing on AIX 7.1 with the supported version of perl at v5.10.1. That was at least enough for the latest CPAN to load and to get the bundle ApacheTest to load.

Good news is: http-2.4.10 comes up with 0 errors - of all that were not skipped at least - AND, I nearly have perl v5.20.0 ready for trial for AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 - as aixtools.perl.

More news soon! Cool

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