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Python for AIX
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Tools for AIX

Up to date and minimal dependencies

After much deliberation - I am commiting myself to provide an up to date Python for AIX - both Python2 (currently Python-2.7.15) and Python3 (currently Python3-3.6.5).

  • I strive to have python install with no dependencies. And, make sure it is uninstallable.

  • Note: Python3-3.5.5 and Python3-3.4.8 are so-called "final" releases. Only security fixes are expected. See PEP478 and PEP429 respectively).

  • To see the AIX specific improvements I am adding - see and check out the "aix" branches - e.g., aix.v3.6.5
Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 May 2018 )
Latest openssl and openssh for AIX from IBM
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AIX: Security

OpenSSL and OpenSSH provided by IBM

OpenSSL summary

  • The latest version of OpenSSL available today (4 April 2018) is openssl.base. (openssl-1.0.2m)
  • Older versions are are available - but no longer supported!
    openssl.base.1.0.1.X - support is withdrawn since Jan 2017
    openssl.base.0.9.8.X - support is withdrawn since Jan 2016
  • OpenSSL can be downloaded from IBM site:

OpenSSH summary

  • The latest levels are: openssh.base., openssh.base. and OpenSSH_7.5.102.1100. There are feature differences between these versions (6.0, 7.1 and 7.5).

The latest version released by OpenBSD is OpenSSH-7.6p1 (which I have packaged at 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 April 2018 )
How I package OpenSource Packages
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The basics

Start with a fresh install of AIX – I focus on AIX 5.3 TL07 SP00.

The only “non-standard” packages are: openssh.base, bos.adt.insttools and bos.adt.libm. OpenSSH because I want it, bos.adt.insttools for the AIX command mkinstallp, and bos.adt.libm as it is needed by many things once you start compiling.

I also install my 'build' scripts – packaged as aixtools.buildaix (see

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 December 2017 )
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