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Can RPM and INSTALLP work side-by-side?
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Written by Michael Felt   

INSTALLP and RPM - can they co-exist?

Historically - common practice would seem indicate the answer is yes. However, I would say history has proven they cannot for short or long term.

Found my examples!

Visiting a customer this week - I rediscovered examples of why I starting "rolling my own", i.e., downloading, configuring and installing OSS independently.

At this customer the command rpm -qa returns a list of about 20 rpm packages installed. Most of these have never been updated since being installed between 2010 and 2012.

Note: RPM packages are not part of the standard TL-SP updates - the exception being the occaisional update to the fileset rpm.rte

Last Updated ( Monday, 06 February 2017 )
DRAFT: OpenSSL and who signed what
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Prepublish - Waiting
Written by Michael Felt   

Getting started with OpenSSL and self-signed keys

 This is a DRAFT article - LIKE/RT on twitter to indicate interest (or RT a down vote). Or - respond at "draft-articles " - Thanks!

a) The one command way
b) the multi-command way - because you want to make multiple keys - all signed by a common key (i.e. self-CA)

Show how step b) compares to using "commercial" CA with using "self-signed" CA.

DRAFT: What is this section for?
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Written by Michael Felt   

I created this section - DRAFT - a long time ago. But I am finding time is scarce - and I am looking for way to determine which area I am researching is actually of real interest - versus "idle interest" (or no interest).

I shall start with writing a "draft" of something I am working on/with - that would otherwise stay as personal use only. I would not call it an "abstract" - as an abstract is actually a bit more "finished" than what I consider a "draft".

My hope is that - using twitter - even better (for me) - respond in the forums.


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