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Sendmail and AIX - part 3
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AIX: Security

Part 3: AIX Sendmail - Out of the Box

I probably should have started with this - in terms of 1, 2, 3 and more. And, actually, now months later as I start to re-write all this - I did.

Rewrite? Yes, sadly, I opened a document to work on it, thought it was part XYZ that I was writing, and overwrote all the prior pieces. And, a few weeks later - when I wnet back to finish everything up - I saw what I had done. New work gets in the way - so finally, back to this - as I start from scratch on a test server, to slowly work through the steps again - and re-create or create anew - the steps leading to a robust SENDMAIL for AIX.

So - you have installed AIX (5.3 through 7.2) - and what do you have? Read on...

Sendmail and AIX - part 2
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AIX: Security

Part 2: Configure STARTTLS

This is part 2 of a series of - as yet unknown - articles on configuring SENDMAIL on AIX.

The basics

Again, I said this was something I looked at from time to time - over the years - but did not get to something really basic - that the EHLO greeting would include "STARTTLS".

"Everywhere" they said how easy that was - just include the certificate information, set an option, and voila - you would have STARTTLS as an option.

Sendmail and AIX - part 1
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AIX: Security

Part 1: Introduction

This is part 1 of a series of - as yet unknown - articles on configuring SENDMAIL on AIX.

What's so hard about using sendmail on AIX?

I have tried, time and time again, to get sendmail set up properly on my server in  my basement (that also hosts,, and

I have long been frustrated that I could not get this working as there are so many tutorials on the web showing how easy sendmail is to setup. (Of course, there are, these days, many saying the opposite - drop sendmail because it is so hard to setup.) Partly - I have been "Blind in one eye and not looking out the other" when I read documentation. But there were also some AIX specific things that make it hard to follow the examples, tutorials or even documention "by rote".

Anyway, I am sticking with sendmail because I have been a user (read consumer and even, once a long time ago, a rule author) since the 80's. This dog is not interested in a new trick.

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