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POWER Systems

Vacation - great idea.

Got a conference and meet people - Great idea.

Three disks die in the heat of the basement - lousy thing to come home to.

Up again, and getting things back to normal.

AIX Security Technologies
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AIX: Security

This will be a series of short articles - as a spin-off of the CIS Benchmark for AIX 7.2. That is, this started as a section for the benchmark - no recommendations intended - as a quick study for people not used to day-to-day administration or work on an AIX system.

Currently, it consists of at least 10 sub-sections - each describing one (aspect of) a security mechanism. There will be a lot of re-writing - and, likely, as not really on-topic for a security benchmark recommendation or guide - the information will need a seperate home. I cannot think of a better place than RootvgNet.

So, what are we looking at:

  1.  Security Profile Evaluation Assurance
  2. AIX Security Expert
  3. Access Control Mechanisms
  4. Discretionary Access Control (inode based)
  5. Access Control Lists (AIXC and NFS4)
  6. Enhanced RBAC
  7. Logging Mechanisms
  8. Encryption
  9. IPSEC (IP Security)
  10. Trusted Executition
This is likely more to come - I can cut/paste some of the material I have already started. As I do, I'll update the list above so that it points to the new material.
How to spot differences in OpenSSH
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AIX: Security

There are ways to spot differences of ssh and sshd. Here are just a few.

And I hope you find the differences easy to spot and maybe even enlightening!

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