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ANSIBLE (2.9.1) for AIX
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Tools for AIX

As part of an ongoing project to have AIX support properly tagged wheels - and to support some requests for recent ANSIBLE on AIX - I am publishing my current state.

Before getting into the technical details - just a reminder about why wheels (aka bdist - for binary distrubtion) are important.

  1. No compiler needed
  2. Create as non-root, a virtualenv (virtual environment) and install stuff, such as "bdist" wheels!
Python Wheels and AIX - Part 1
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Tools for AIX

Getting started with python wheels on AIX

A Python wheel is a "pre-compiled" module for a platform. Pure-Python wheels are the easiest as most have been written to be portable with both Python2 and Python3. (This is likely to change real soon now as Python2 is reaching end-of-support in early 2020).

Wheels are really convienient when there are parts that need to be compiled (e.g., cffi needs a C compiler to build parts of it). As a wheel, these Pyhton modules can just be installed without the need for the compiler - pre-compiled! FTW!!
Sendmail and AIX - part 3
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AIX: Security

Part 3: AIX Sendmail - Out of the Box

I probably should have started with this - in terms of 1, 2, 3 and more. And, actually, now months later as I start to re-write all this - I did.

Rewrite? Yes, sadly, I opened a document to work on it, thought it was part XYZ that I was writing, and overwrote all the prior pieces. And, a few weeks later - when I wnet back to finish everything up - I saw what I had done. New work gets in the way - so finally, back to this - as I start from scratch on a test server, to slowly work through the steps again - and re-create or create anew - the steps leading to a robust SENDMAIL for AIX.

So - you have installed AIX (5.3 through 7.2) - and what do you have? Read on...

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