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Openssl.base.1.0.2 and AIX OpenSSH.base
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AIX: Security

Things to consider when updating OpenSSL-1.0.2

Maybe there will be some issues on some systems. On my AIX 5.3 TL7 build system I got a core dump from /usr/bin/ssh once I updated to openssl.base. (openssh.base. On my AIX 6.1 system (where I host I have no issues with openssl.base. and openssh.base.

In any case, both aixtools.openbsd.openssh. and aixtools.openbsd.openssh. are working on both systems (and more oslevels) that I tested. Just remember that openssl-1.0.2 (and higher, as/when it comes) is required for OpenSSH-7.5p1 !

How to spot differences in OpenSSH
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AIX: Security

There are ways to spot differences of ssh and sshd. Here are just a few.

And I hope you find the differences easy to spot and maybe even enlightening!

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