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Written by Michael Felt   

It happened. I got bit by "something". I have a mission! Howto secure AIX using the technologies that have been there, for the using since 2007 - but have not not been because the focus on security has been on maintaining compapability with "the past". Anno 2010 (hey we are 2012 - I know) -- anno 2010 we should have been doing this - three years in the making. But no, crisis this, crisis that - and worst of all - looking back for guidance as a way to secure UNIX.

Looking forward now!

Instead, I am going to look forward. In the articles I can already forsee...

Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 May 2012 )
ibmtechu Birmingham: LDAP 101 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Hi everyone - Busy this week as a speaker for the IBM POWER Tech Univerisity in Birmingham. I am doing a couple of presentations on LDAP and shall add extracts of the presentations soon.

Right now - to make sure it is easy to find - I am putting the link to the Trials and Downloads for IBM Tivoli Directory Server - which is the starting point for my LDAP 101: Basic LDAP Install and Config on AIX class.

p.s. for the download you will need a "free" IBM userid - if you do not have one already.

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Written by Michael Felt   

After almost 4 years with a real focus on performance and virtualization my work has been making a shift to security implementation. And I am very glad to be back in that area. Should you wonder through the older articles of rootvg - even looking at http://archive.rootvg.net you can see that I have a history with security policy, implementation and features.

Right now I am working on documenting the difference between the classic UNIX/AIX install "install everything" and one of the install options that came initially with AIX 6 - Secure by Default.

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Written by Michael Felt   

Update on Installing LDAP - should be easy

Good news: It is easy - once you have the requirements properly identified. Most locations would not have the issues I have been having - simply because using a (virtual) disk larger than 8G will generally mean you have ample free space in /tmp, /opt, /var and /home. However, it you are looking for a minimal installation footprint be sure to keep watching for a new article real soon.

FYI: I took over 100 screen shots to have a fairly clear review of what is happening, what you should be seeing, etc.. So, in the coming days, as I prepare my presentation "LDAP 101" for Birmingham POWER Technical University from May 8th through 11 - I be readying a new article for here as well.

Next: add RBAC into the LDAP server!

Installing LDAP - should be easy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   


This combination has been around for over 10 years, and somehow I have managed to not use it since I first learned it in 2001 and 2002. And I thought it would be easy to pick up where I left off. Not so, unfortunately. Where a simple command "did it all" over 10 years ago now everything is bigger and better - except for the error messages.

Good news is: I am making progress and writing down the little details as I prepare a presentation: LDAP 101 - How to Install LDAP for AIX. And then it will be easy - I promise!

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