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Written by Michael Felt   

Since getting back from vacation, over a month ago, I have been quite busy with my basement (stopping a flood before all my systems got shorted out) AND working on new packages for AIXTOOLS.

Unfortunately, it looks as if my patch for python ctypes.find_library() is not going to be accepted in time for it to be official in Python3.6. Have my fingers crossed. However, that does not stop me from including it in my packaged version.

Speaking of python brings up things that use python, such as cloud-init for AIX. I moved my packaging from "test" to it's own page - And, I am happy to say I hear "my python " is becoming more popular "as the python to use" on VIOS. No RPM's needed - and you can uninstall it. Something I think can be very useful for a VIOS.


RSCT change in PLinux, PowerVC reset-rmc cloud-init module won't work PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozan Uzun   

Just a quick reminder that the new rsct package (rsct.core-  has some changes  and reset-rmc  cloud-init module is not working at the moment.


vHMC KVM Image on oVirt / RHEV PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozan Uzun   

Virtual HMC has two versions, one for KVM, one for ESXi

I am running vHMC/KVM on my Linux laptop, it is fast and stable.


There are supported tools to convert vmdk files to oVirt guest disks. Means you can convert vHMC esxi image for a oVirt guest (virt-v2v or qemu-img)

I was able to import ESXi KVM image to my oVirt setup easily.


What about vHMC KVM imge to oVirt ( Redhat Enterprise Virtualization) migration?

Last Updated ( Monday, 25 July 2016 )
HOWTO: Find AIX and POWER media PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Back in the old days - media came in the box with the system - and you unpacked it yourself. These days - there might be media in the box - but who ever sees it?

And how about the media refreshes and/or new technology levels?

PassportAdvantage you say? And you are (almost) absolutely right. PassportAdvantage should be considered a must. However, read probably, all you will see is "stuff" from SWG (software group).

To get to the AIX and POWER virtualization media follow this link: for the "UserServices" you are looking for.

Hope this helps!

Security Topics - round and round we go! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

This year I have been busier with security than I was in 2015 and I would like to share two themes that have been discussion points with several customers.

  • Maintenance
  • Third-Party Security Tools
Last Updated ( Friday, 12 August 2016 )
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