Another warning from my NAS PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

I am learning there are key differences in NAS disks - lots of reading the last month after the last scare when a RAID array went into "degraded" mode.

And again this week when "the other" array went offline (and took my server down with it).

So, as I look to buy new disks I am considering "lower performance" (5400 rather than 7200 rpm) - and also making sure the disks are rated for 6+ bay NAS - vibration in parallel.

Compared to old SCSI (limited to 150-600G) that seemed to be indestrucible (had a few at 35G and 70G) running 7x24 for over 10 years with never a problem - versus "NAS" SATA disks - 7 disks, 7 failures (with 5 replacements! under warrenty).

The 5-year versus 3-year warrenty is looking more important too!

NAS acting up - again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Maybe I should say - acting down, but the real problem is the choice of disk I made over three years ago. I have, literally, lost count of how many of the original 7 disks have failed "SMART" tests - which is when I want to replace them. Of those, at least one (I think two) have died, completely.

So today, as an extra job - I am copying the data off the bad array - to the good array. Further, since the warranty on the disks is past (not IBM stuff btw) - I need to research for disks that last in a harsh environment (internal disk temp 30-35 degrees Celius - or about 85-95 degrees Farenheit)

My apologies for any downtime as I switch things around!

Linux on POWER - always things to learn! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

This week I was "on-site" for a PowerCARE Linux on POWER engagement. Always new things to learn - and because it had been a few months - I also learned a few things that I will never forget again - e.g., to open the firewall port for RMC so that RSCT can communicate with the HMC.

I am working on a presentation - more for customers - but also a "cheat sheet" that I will share.

And I wish I could claim more originality for some of the material I have developed the last two weeks. Unfortunate for my ego - many people, well at least one! - thought similiar thoughts 10 years ago.

The one from 10 years ago? Very nice description of the LINUX boot phases: see Inside the Linux boot process

AIXTOOLS - works in progress PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Since getting back from vacation, over a month ago, I have been quite busy with my basement (stopping a flood before all my systems got shorted out) AND working on new packages for AIXTOOLS.

Unfortunately, it looks as if my patch for python ctypes.find_library() is not going to be accepted in time for it to be official in Python3.6. Have my fingers crossed. However, that does not stop me from including it in my packaged version.

Speaking of python brings up things that use python, such as cloud-init for AIX. I moved my packaging from "test" to it's own page - And, I am happy to say I hear "my python " is becoming more popular "as the python to use" on VIOS. No RPM's needed - and you can uninstall it. Something I think can be very useful for a VIOS.


RSCT change in PLinux, PowerVC reset-rmc cloud-init module won't work PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozan Uzun   

Just a quick reminder that the new rsct package (rsct.core-  has some changes  and reset-rmc  cloud-init module is not working at the moment.


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