Active Directory and AIX default user attributes integration PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

An awareness thing: where do I set this?

I knew it could be set, and that I read the sentence about it with some frequency.

defaultentrylocation Specifies the location of the default entry. Valid values are ldap and local. The default is ldap.

  • ldap - Use the default entry in LDAP for all attribute default values.
  • local - Use the default stanza from local /etc/security/user file for all attribute default values.

I am sure I will not forget it again - but just in case you are using LDAP - with Active Directory or OpenLDAP as the LDAP server AND!! want to continue to have the AIX default user attributes from /etc/security/user - which I do, the place to set it is in /etc/security/ldap/ldap.cfg

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 07 June 2016 )
I could kick myself... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

I have been promoting RBAC since AIX 6.0 Beta. And RBAC Domains were, read are, a great addition. And I could really kick myself that

  1. I have let an extremely simple bug hold me back for years (read I did not find a truely simple workaround before now)
  2. I have not been beating at AIX Security support to fix it (as I shall now!!!)
Ubuntu 15.04 - Multipath Problem PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ozan Uzun   

Currently I am working on a PLinux/Ubuntu- IBM Flashsystems/820 proof of concept.

I already knew that multipath was broken on version 14.04

I started with Ubuntu v15.04.  Bad decision:)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 March 2016 )
cloud-init made easy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Are you ready for EASY!

There WAS a very long list of RPM packages that needed to be downloaded and installed to have an AIX virtual machine that was cloud-init enabled.

To be precise - 34 rpm packages at 255 MByte.

Compare that with with one file (a compressed tar file of installp packages) of < 47MByte (and unpacked less than 100 Mbyte)!

Steps now are:

  1. download
  2. unpack
  3. install
Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 February 2016 )
AIX 7.2 First Impressions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Just did my first install of AIX 7.2 from a virtual DVD (i.e., ISO image installed on a VIOS is an image repository) and my very first impressions are:

Installation menus

Looks like AIX install

Default language is no longer C/C/C but is now en_US and iso-8859-1 (and keyboard says undefined when I check in smit)

There options to install openssh client and server

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