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Written by Michael Felt   

is in the eating!

I reported that I had suffered for a few days getting everything running properly after a power failure of about 90 minutes. I cannot place direct blame on everything that went wrong on the power outage.

To a certain degree, everything worked very well. Once power was back, everything came back up, though a bit slow because of dependencies in the different systems (e.g., better if the name server is up before the database). But I have a odd collection of processors systems - which have been great for learning - but not so great for "unmanaged" restarts.

Network Speeds over the years PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   
Have you ever thought about (or even remember) when we were excited about the speed of ThickNet - the ethernet segment that preceded ThinNet (aka a sort of coax-cable that ran through/along walls and ceilings? The speed was a thrilling 2Mbit/second.
Or can you imagine even being excited by a 1200 BAUD modem?
Power Outage - Hangover PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   
Just a small update. Seems my NAS and an ethernet switch did not like the outage either. After 12 hours up, a disk died, and a few hours later a network port died - well - needed a hardware reset.
I hope all the surprises for me are behind me now.
I guess I should be happy I was at home and could go to my data center (read basement) and repair everything.
Power Outage surprises Netherlands PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   
Some things cannot be prevented by mere mortals - when a power distribution hub dies - so does power to many homes and services. So, the downtime we experienced is close to a force-majeure - even my mobile could not send/receive calls.
Anyway, servers are back up and everything seems to be functioning normally again. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
OpenSSH 6.8 Portable PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

OpenSSH 6.8p1 released March 18, 2015

OpenSSH 6.8p1 has been released. I have just finished packaging my first trial version using a new (experimental) portable option: --without-openssl

If you are wondering how OpenSSH can work without openssl - the answer seems to be it is only used for the random number generation and is not needed for the cryptopgraphy. What is needed is either arc4random() - which AIX lacks - or /dev/urandom - which AIX has.

So, now to get buildaix more functional and see if I can package this new openssh as a replacement for the belated openssh.base versions generally available. More specifically, a replacement that will use, read copy, existing configuration information from /etc/ssh to /var/openssh/etc.

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