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Written by Michael Felt   

An Operating System cannot secure everything

I do not know much about Axiomatics but their ad caught my eye. And got me thinking it was time to write a quick blog entry.

Axiomatics have a product that implements what they call ABAC - Attribute Based Access Control. They state that this goes beyond RBAC - Role Based Access Control. And I agree - from an architectural (i.e., the layers of an onion) viewpoint - that they are correct.

I hope this triggers a thought process in you as it did in me and remember that as you think about how to keep your system secure you need to remember security is implemented layer by layer.

Over the years new technologies appear - and define new layers. Over 30 years ago simple file protection bits was enough, then technologies like sudo became the next layer, and now at the OS level we have RBAC technologies and at application level a new (open) standard - XAMCL .


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 April 2014 )
Looking for AIX From Strength to Strength? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

IBM moved the link again - although the FTP link is unchanged.

The updated landing page is - IBM AIX - From Strength to Strength - at the bottom of the page there is a link to download the PDF. If this stops working (again Sealed) try the FTP link. Check your downloads are if you get a blank page, or go via

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 March 2014 )
Is Linux Linux? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Linux is Linux - so they say.

People say that Linux is Linux - implying that Linux within itself is more UNIX than UNIX is. I am tending to disagree.
I have been active on various UNIX flavors since 1979 with the focus on AIX flavor since 1996.
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ROOTVG wiki - slow going - REDHAT install woes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

You may have noticed that ROOTVG WIKI is progressing slowly. Much slower than intended, and I will not bother you -here - with either the personal or technical issues - although I do intend to share most of the technical issues in the wiki as I overcome and/or struggle to overcome them.

The most recent changes are, basically, about the different behavior and possibilities depending on the install interface chosen when installing REDHAT Enterprise 6.5. In short, the CLI (command-line-interface) is very limited compared to the VNC method. I am completely surprised that I can neither choose how to configure the network interface, nor the base install profile. CLI means no network definition, minimal install - PERIOD.

DPO Here, DPO There, DPO Everywhere PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Felt   

Time to plan for a disruptive update!

If you have a POWER7-770, POWER7-780 or POWER7-795 and do not have Dynamic Platform Optimizer - now is the time to start planning for that seldom "Disruptive Update". That is, long time coming - but now it is here for the Power7-770 and Power7-780 MHB (aka Model B frames) with the latest firmware AM780_040 .

I'll be updating my POWER7 Latest Firmware table asap!

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 December 2013 )
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