How to get things done working with AIX. Topics here focus on implementation of AIX features including NIM, SUMA, LDAP and RBAC. Topics focusing specifically on virtualization may be in there own sections (e.g. PowerVM, VIOS, WPAR).
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How I package OpenSource Packages Michael Felt 2671
HOWTO: Setup FTP with TLS support Michael Felt 8721
Rsync fix corrupt downloads HOWTO Ozan Uzun 7978
HOWTO: NIM server first boot example Michael Felt 7085
SVMON - part 1 Michael Felt 9169
HOWTO: Repair a NIM lppsource Michael Felt 10570
HOWTO: Setup DSH Michael Felt 10645
HOWTO: Collect performance baseline statistics Michael Felt 14723
FAQ: What to look for when NIM boot fails? Michael Felt 10617
FAQ: How to fix a degraded filesystem? Michael Felt 21838
HOWTO: POWER On using expect Michael Felt 14447
HOWTO: Update a NIM server Michael Felt 21008
HOWTO: Install a NIM server Michael Felt 54871
HOWTO: NFSv4 primer Michael Felt 21086
HOWTO: Manage Firmware using Inventory Scout Michael Felt 20085
HOWTO: Install AIX Michael Felt 38995
HOWTO: Stop "PRNG is not Seeded" on AIX Michael Felt 23827
HOWTO: Prepare for Performance Assessment Michael Felt 24546
FAQ: Porting Opensource packages to AIX Michael Felt 21326
HOWTO: List Inactive Users Michael Felt 19309
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  • HOWTO: PowerVM and VIOS  ( 5 items )

    Howto Virtualize using IBM Power Systems. Topics (will) include: Partition Configuration, VIOS, SEA, vSCSI, LPM, NPIV, ASM, AEM, System Firmware updates, HMC, etc.

  • HOWTO: Develop Applications on AIX  ( 1 items )
    Discussion and examples on HOWTO develop or port openSource and/or indivdual projects on AIX.
  • FAQ: AIX  ( 3 items )
    FAQ's, Every site needs to have one. These items are short - sometime just a few questions and their answers. Othertime an overview of an problem and discussion of possible solutions. For detailed step-by-step procedures  as answers to problems see the HOWTO area.
  • MOVIES: To Show the Way  ( 5 items )

    Short videos/flash demonstrations of projects and/or HOWTO's we have done. Loaded from our server and/or via YouTube.

    Goal: leave nothing to the imagination! or - Put our money where our mouth is!