Tools for AIX

News, Announcements, and HOWTO documents on TOOLS for AIX packaged in installp (aka BFF) format. Not to be confused with the IBM AIX ToolBox - that are packaged using RPM.

More information is also available via the AIXTOOLS wiki and downloads available at AIXTOOLS Downloads.

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ANSIBLE (2.9.1) for AIX Michael Felt 3585
Python Wheels and AIX - Part 3 Michael Felt 2096
Python Wheels and AIX - Part 2 Michael Felt 2198
Python Wheels and AIX - Part 1 Michael Felt 2728
Python for AIX Michael Felt 7494
HOWTO: reduce dependencies of OSS packages Michael Felt 6069
Building python packages using AIXTOOLS python Michael Felt 7865
My philosophy for AIXTOOLS Michael Felt 3711
OpenSSH release Notes (since 6.0) Michael Felt 8731
SUDO for AIX - and NOEXEC Michael Felt 7114
Feels like cheating - openSSL updates Michael Felt 10359
Toolkit to install LDAP on AIX Michael Felt 10540
VNC & X11 performance issues on AIX 7 Ozan Uzun 8096
apache httpd updated Michael Felt 9445
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  • AIX: Security  ( 11 items )
    AIX brings lots of new features to Security including, but not limited to, Secuity Expert, RBAC, Trusted AIX and Trusted Execution.