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Written by Michael Felt   
IBM has announced delivery availbility and final specifics for the POWER6.

Highlights of POWER6

5th Implementation of multi-core design
~100% higher frequencies
400% increase in L2 cache

POWER6 Architecture

Foundation for a new generation of servers
New High-Speed I/O - PCIe, SAS & SATA, IB I/O Drawers
Enhanced power management

Enhanced Virtualization

Live Partition Mobility (SoD)
Dedicated Shared Processors
Inetgrated Virtual Ethernet


RAS: Processor Instruction Retry
Hot-node Add support - SoD
Power Management


This was meant to be a major article with each of the highlights worked out in detail. Unfortunately, that never happened in the time-frame I expected. Instead I have been working on seperate articles. The links follow:
POWER6 a Convention Shattering Design
IBM POWER6: Specifications
Binary (in)Compatibility

(I really dont like a rating of 1 on an article :) so I hope this improves matters!)

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