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IBM POWER6 Microprocessor Specifications PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Michael Felt   
A quick list of the specifications of the new IBM POWER6
  • Top frequency of 4.7 GHz operation
  • >790M transistors
  • 341 mm²  die
  • 65 nm SOI process with 10 levels of Cu interconnect and low-k dielectric on 1st 8 levels
  • 2 superscalar, SMT cores
  • 8 MB Level 2 cache
  • Support for 32 MB L3
  • 2 memory controllers
  • Two-tier SMP Fabric
  • Manufactured at IBM’s 300mm semiconductor fabrication facility, a $2.5 billion ultra-modern chip manufacturing plant located in East Fishkill, New York.  It is the world’s most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility.
  • Able to calculate decimal floating-point arithmetic in hardware; gives advantage to enterprises running complex tax, financial and ERP programs.
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