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AIX6.0 is the Open Beta PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Michael Felt   
Next month IBM is going to do something unique in the history of AIX - an open beta rather than a closed group of early adopters as testers of the next AIX.

AIX6 is new - really new! And the great thing is, if you hate new - just install it normally and don't activate any of the new features. They will be there, waiting - but you will see the trusted AIX way of doing things as you explore the new features.

The first step was listen and come up with may very well be the next evolution in UNIX™.

The new features already announced?

Workload Partitions
Live Application Mobility
Role Based Access Control
Trusted AIX
Encrypting Filesystem
AIX Security Expert LDAP integration
Secure by Default installation option
Graphical Installation
Network Installation Manager support for NFSv4
Kernel support for POWER6 Storage Key
Concurrent AIX kernel update
Dynamic tracing
Enhanced software first failure data capture

For more info on these features and the IBM AIX Open Beta Preview see: Previewing AIX 6 and open beta program

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