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Written by Michael Felt   
Have you ever needed a bootable CD/DVD image because the one you have is lost, broken, or simply out of date. The following procedure can be a great help.
mkcd and/or mkdvd can be used to create bootable images. Generally, these commands are used to create a bootable mksysb image. But these commands can also be used to create a boot-only CD/DVD that you can use to boot a system and then get into maintaince mode using the information on the failed boot device - e.g. AIX in installed, but not booting. Or you have a tape that is not bootable, Etc..

On any AIX system at the SAME kernel level as the system you are wanting to (re)boot (e.g. 5300-05)
1. # cd /var/adm/ras
2. # ls ./ ./ | backup -ivqf /tmp/fakemksysb
3a: # mkcd -m /tmp/fakemksysb -d /dev/cdX ## X is device number of cd/dvd writer
3b. # mkcd -m /tmp/fakemksysb -S ## will create a .iso formated file in a "default location" - it will not end in .iso Transfer this file to system with a cd/dvd burner and burn the CD

Note that towards the end of the process there will be some installp error messages. You can ignore these.
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