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Written by Michael Felt   

To my surprise getting the WPAR Manager product installed actually took several attempts to get it right.

In this article I"ll run thru the steps with comments and output. As a bonus I'll also include some of the errors I ran into and also what I did to correct the situation. In short, with the proper preparation installing Workload Partition Manager is quite easy. However, getting the right environment can take some time. 

The short story!

0. Make sure you have sufficient space in /var (128 to 256M) and /opt (600M free) before starting install.

1. install wparmgt.*

Note: The fileset level of wparmgt.mgr.rte should be at least

2. run the following commands to get a manager and agent installed on a single system:
# /usr/tivoli/guid/tivguid -Write -New
# /opt/IBM/WPAR/manager/db/bin/ -dbpassword xxxxxxxx -dbinstallerdir /mnt/ismp/ppc/db2
# /opt/IBM/WPAR/manager/bin/
# /usr/tivoli/guid/tivguid -Write -New
# /opt/IBM/WPAR/agent/bin/configure-agent -hostname `hostname`

Installing Workload Manager - the Long version 

Preparing NIM

I installed the contents of the Workload Partition Manager LPP into a seperate lpp_source on my AIX 6.1 nim server and created two installp_bundles - WPAR_manager and WPAR_agent. The contents of the WPAR_agent bundle is:
and the contents of the WPAR_manager bundle is:

The location of the lpp_source is /export/lpp/wpar101. And I have exported this directory using the following command on the nim server:
# mknfsexp -d /export/lpp/wpar101 -a 0 -t ro -B

Note: it seems the -a 0 option is very important for proper installation of db2 later! 

Preparing the WPAR manager node

I install the product using the easy_install (install a bundle) option from NIM and install the WPAR_manager bundle using the wparManager lpp_source as source. Then, from the command line of the WPAR manager node I complete the following steps from the command line (a ssh or telnet session). 

The commands above perform the following functions:

  • provide a unique ID for the WPAR manager
  • install db2
  • define a db2 instance
  • create a db2 database
  • populate a db2 database
  • configure WPAR Manager environment
  • activate the WPAR manager
  • provide a unique ID for the node as WPAR agent
  • register the node with the WPAR manager
  • activate the WPAR agent

provide a unique ID for the WPAR manager

# /usr/tivoli/guid/tivguid -Write -New

Tivoli GUID utility - Version 1, Release 3, Level 0.

(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 2002, 2004 All Rights Reserved.

install, create, populate and activate a db2 database

When you execute the following command you provide a password that will be used to access the database. The WPMConfig command will prompt you for a password - this is the one you will need.
Note the following step takes several minutes – as it installs and configures and populates a DB2 database. If you have a capped partition it may take even longer. On my uncapped partition is uses 0.5 to 1.5 physical CPU. If you are capped at 0.2 it will take longer!

# /opt/IBM/WPAR/manager/db/bin/ -dbpassword xxxxxx -dbinstallerdir /mnt/ismp/ppc/db2 install started. install successful. instance creation started. instance creation successful. creation started. population started. creation successful.

configure and activate the WPAR manager

The following command will configure and activate the WPAR manager at the URL https://hostname:14443/ibm/console and http://hostname:14480/ibm/console. As the URL implies, Workload Partition Manager belongs in the IBM Director family of products. The argument -i console ensures that the command gets executed from the command line. All questions are answered by pressing enter (defaults) except for the password - whci is the password provided in the command above. 

# /opt/IBM/WPAR/manager/bin/ -i console

Preparing CONSOLE Mode Installation...


Choose Locale...


1- Català

2- Deutsch

->3- English

4- Español

5- Français

6- Italiano

7- Português (Brasil)



IBM Workload Partitions Manager for AIX(created with InstallAnywhere by Macrovision)










Welcome to the IBM Workload Partitions Manager for AIX setup. This wizard will

configure access to a DB2 database server and will configure WPAR Manager to

use an Agent Manager for secure communication with WPAR Agents.

To complete this configuration you will need the following:

-A running and available instance of DB2 V9.1

-All information needed to access the DB2 V9.1 database, including: hostname,

username, password, service port and database name. If you do not have this

information you should consult your DB2 Administrator before continuing with

the configuration.

-(Advanced setup only) All information needed to access an existing Agent

Manager, including: hostname, public port, resource manager username and


For additional information about this setup, please consult the WPAR

Installation Documentation.





WPAR Manager Access Information


WPAR Manager is accessed from a browser with the URL: http://<hostname>:<public port>/ibm/console.

The secure port is used for all browser and server communication. The port numbers should only be changed if there is an existing conflict or anticipated port conflict..

Secure Port: (DEFAULT: 14443):

Public Port: (DEFAULT: 14080):


Database Information


Complete the following information to configure WPAR Manager's access to a DB2 V9.1 database residing on either a local or remote server. If you do not have the following information, cancel out of configuration and consult with your system administrator.

Hostname: (DEFAULT:

Username: (DEFAULT: db2wmgt):

Password: (DEFAULT: ): xxxxxx

Service Port: (DEFAULT: 50000):

Database Name: (DEFAULT: WPARMGT):


Agent Manager Information


Agent Manager is required by WPAR Manager for secure communication between Agents. WPAR Manager will register with an Agent Manager to retrieve secure certificates used for authenticating with WPAR Agents. You have two options for setting up the Agent Manager.

1) Configure a new Agent Manager on this server. This is recommended for a typical new installation of WPAR Manager.

2) Register to an existing Agent Manager. This is an advanced configuration and is only needed in environments where WPAR Manager may have to coexist with an Agent Manager provided by other IBM products. If you select this option, you will need to provide the hostname, public port, resource manager username, and password to be able to connect to the existing Agent Manager.

Select whether you want to configure a new Agent Manager on this server, or register to an existing Agent Manager.

->1- Configure Agent Manager (typical)

2- Register to an Existing Agent Manager (advanced)


Actually, there is a new password that I enter here - and will need whenever an agent wants to register with the manager component. For this example, the password is wagent.


Agent Manager Configuration


The following password will be used by WPAR Agents to register with the Agent Manager.

Create Registration Password: (DEFAULT: ): wagent

Verify Password: (DEFAULT: ): wagent


Agent Manager Configuration


The following ports are used for communication between Agent Manager, Agents on managed systems, and WPAR Manager. The port numbers should only be changed if there is an existing or anticipated port conflict on your system.

Base Port: (DEFAULT: 9511):

Secure Port: (DEFAULT: 9512):

Public Port: (DEFAULT: 9513):


WPAR Manager Configuration Summary


Click Next to configure WPAR Manager with the following values.

Click Cancel to terminate.

WPAR Manager Access:

Public Port: 14080

Secure Port: 14443

Database Access:


Username: db2wmgt

Password: ********

Service Port: 50000


Agent Manager, configure local:

Base Port: 9511

Public Port: 9513

Secure Port: 9512

Registration password: ********

->1- Next

2- Cancel





WPAR Configuration Complete


The configuration of IBM Workload Partitions Manager for AIX has completed




provide a unique ID for the node as WPAR agent

This is an extrememly important step for the agent component on the manager node. If you forget to perform this step now - it will look like the agent registration has completed successfully - but the manager will never show the agent in it's lists - as it's ID is equal to manager's ID.

# /usr/tivoli/guid/tivguid -Write -New

Tivoli GUID utility - Version 1, Release 3, Level 0.

(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 2002, 2004 All Rights Reserved.

register the node with the WPAR manager and activate the WPAR agent

I can use `hostname` here because the manager and agent node are `hostname`. However, agents installed on other nodes will only need to know the hostname of the manager node - and the password entered during the command. Note, the password is not echoed. 

# /opt/IBM/WPAR/agent/bin/configure-agent -hostname `hostname`

Agent Registration Password:

Re-enter Agent Registration Password:

0513-059 The wparagent Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 393446.



WPAR manager is running and ready to be used. Remember, the URL you will usually use is the secure URL - https://hostname:14443/ibm/console 

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