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Written by Michael Felt   

Recently I started checking up on several "older" disks formating and certifying them to be sure disk problems were not going to be the cause of problems during HACMP classes.

Basically, there are four generic DISK_ERR mesages, that are repeated for each disk type, e.g. SCSI, SSA, FC, etc., and have their own specific label. The meaning of the 4 messages is the same for all media. 

Error Label

Error Type
 DISK_ERR1  P  Failure of physical volume media
 Action: Replace device as soon as possible
 P  Device does not respond
 Action: Check power supply
 DISK_ERR4  T  Error caused by bad block or occurrence of a recovered error
 Rule of thumb: If disk produces more than one DISK_ERR4 per week, replace the disk

P: Permanent T: Temporary

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