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Written by Michael Felt   

Last week was teaching and getting caught up with material I have almost ready for rootvg. I have two more installments, at least, on the use of WPAR manager. The third one is almost finished and shall cover creating, activating and moving a System WPAR. It concludes with stopping the WPAR - and that is the starting point for the fourth article - because although the System WPAR has stopped, the WPAR Manager is not satisified about the way it stopped. So in part 4 I'll cover management and error recovery.

Last week I taught a performance class. I had not realized that it had been so long since I had lost taught performance. Most of my time has been teaching virtualization and HACMP classes. The rest has been filled in with various activities: jumpstart training classes's, security specials, doing demonstrations at conferences, and customer consulting - and of course self-study. In closing, I'll be taking some time to some material on the newer AIX tools for performance monitoring.

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