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Written by Michael Felt   

Q. What is Integrated Virtual Ethernet?

A. Integrated Virtual Ethernet, or IVE, is generanally recognized as a marketing term for the Host Ethernet Adapter (HEA). I think it is better to describe IVE as the name of a procedure involving both hardware (the HEA) and virtual components (lhea and lhea ports) to enable partitions in a POWER6 system to have ethernet connections without either a physical or a virtual ethernet adapter (i.e. provided by the Hypervisor).

Q What is a Host Ethernet Adapter?

A. The Host Ethernet Adapter (HEA) is a hardware component found on POWER6 and POWER7 system units. There are three models: dual port 1GBit (default); quad port 1Gbit and dual port 10Gbit fibre. The HEA is the hardware component of the IVE. Depending on settings it supports up to 16 (dual port 1GBit) or 32 (quad 1GBit, and dual 10GBit) logical ports. When MCS (multi-core scaling) is enabled there are fewer logical ports but each port can support multiple QP (IP Queue pairs).

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