Demo: Use IVM and NIM to install a MKSYSB Installation PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Michael Felt   

This film demonstrates the installation of an AIX mysysb image. This image is a special image - the VIOS or Virtual I/O Server. But even if the image is special, the installation procedure is standard AIX.

This installation demonstrates how to use NIM (Network Installation Manager) and SMS menus to install AIX images over the network - a so-called netboot installation. The demo continues to show the process of the first boot of the VIOS partition on a POWER5 system.

This film demonstrates:

  • SMS boot after login to admin
  • Setup Remote IPL
  • Enable NIM resources
  • Netboot
  • Verify Netboot install to hdisk0
  • Display when Hypervisor makes IVM partitioin
  • Display boot to Virtual I/O Server login prompt

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