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Written by Michael Felt   

To my surprise many AIX administrators have never had the opportunity to actually install AIX from scratch.

This article is for admins new to AIX and anyone else interested in what the steps are to install AIX.

The screenshots are from an installation of AIX 7.1 onto a partition using the ASCII interface.

AIX installation in pictures

(plus explanatory text)




Installation starts with booting from media. In this case, from the AIX 7.1 DVD media.

Select Install Screen


First we have to tell AIX which screen we are installing from. AIX sends a message to each screen -
whether it is a tty or lft (low function graphic terminal) with a number. Press that number followed by
the Enter key. The other displays clear and AIX continues with the selected screen.

Install Language


The first choice you need to make is language. English is pre-selected so just press enter.

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