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Written by Michael Felt   

Install Options


Normally you will leave all these options at yes.
Option 1. Graphics Software. X11 applications can run in client mode. This does not, by default, enable an
X11 server. Unless security policy specifically prohibits it, leave this option at yes.
Option 2. System Management Client Software. Highly recommended to leave this at yes for ease of remote
management of this system.
Option 3. AIX6 and higher is 64-bit kernel. JFS2 is optimized for an 64 bit-kernel. The is really no reason
not to use JFS2. Leave this at yes. You will need to reinstall AIX to get it into JFS2 if you do not.
Option 4. Enable System Backups to install to any system. This is an aid to system cloning. Leaving it to yes means
AIX installs many more filesets (nearly 500) and the install time takes longer. Sooner or later
all the filesets will be installed. Why, how and/or when you ask? When you update AIX to a (new) technology level
one of the side-effects is that all device drivers get installed. This is to prevent a mixture of device
drivers coming from different TL and or service-pack combinations. The recommendation is to leave it at yes.
Press Enter please (option 5 pre-selected)


Install More Software


These options are all no by default.
Option 1: Firefox. If you want to work with Firefox on AIX change this to yes. The install process will prompt
you for the correct DVDs at the appropriate time to install Firefox. You can also do this later
using the smitty easy_install option to install the Firefox bundle.
Option 2: Not many people need Kerberos. If you do - switch to yes and the installation procedure prompts you
at the correct moment for the expansion DVD. What expansion DVD you ask? Then leave this at no. Again,
smitty easy_install will install the kerberos bundle later.
Option 3: Server. Back in the CDROM days you would install extra software from the second CDROM. It all fits
on one DVD now so you want get prompted for Volume 2 anymore. Why this option then? Think of it as the
opposite of "Secure by Default". This options installs the optional server filesets.

Take note: the next default action is to start installation. Press Enter!

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