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Written by Michael Felt   

Installation Summary


IBM would not be IBM (I guess) if it did not provide a summary screen (rather than a simple "Are you sure Y/N".
This screen summarizes what you have chosen. Default (option 1) is to really start installation, but you can
go back to the main installation menu (option 99) and make any changes you desire.

Installing Base Operating System


Once you see a screen like this, AIX installation has really started. A lot of information will scroll over the screen, but basically, you are done. Installing AIX from a DVD takes from 30 to 60 minutes - depending largely on the speed of the disks being written to. But then I test on systems that are 5+ years old. When I am on new hardware (at customers) installs take about 20 minutes.

When the installation is finished AIX reboots and configuration begins - but that is another story!

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