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Written by Michael Felt   

Create a mksysb file to be used later as nim resource 

Now make a backup of the current system BEFORE configuring any nim resources in the image.

Something I like to have in my default image is unlimited file size for root. Consider adding this command before making the mksysb resource.

# chuser fsize=-1  root

You will need to logout and login again to make it effective

# ulimit -a

# oslevel -s
# export OSLEVEL=`oslevel -s | cut -c 1-2,6-7`
# mkdir -p /export/mksysb/${OSLEVEL}
# mksysb -X -i /export/mksysb/${OSLEVEL}/`oslevel -s`.mksb

Creating information file (/ for rootvg.

Creating list of files to back up.
Backing up 68942 files..............

68942 of 68942 files (100%)
0512-038 mksysb: Backup Completed Successfully.

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