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Written by Michael Felt   

Complete AIX installation and install SSH support

Now we start the regular configuration.

Set a password, then
# smitty mktcpip, en0 # no DNS for the moment
                       Minimum Configuration & Startup

 To Delete existing configuration data, please use Further Configuration menus

Type or select values in entry fields.
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.

[TOP]                                                   [Entry Fields]
* HOSTNAME                                           [nim41]
* Internet ADDRESS (dotted decimal)                  []
  Network MASK (dotted decimal)                      []
* Network INTERFACE                                   en0
           Internet ADDRESS (dotted decimal)         []
           DOMAIN Name                               []
  Default Gateway
       Address (dotted decimal or symbolic name)     []
       Cost                                          []                       #
       Do Active Dead Gateway Detection?              no                     +

F1=Help             F2=Refresh          F3=Cancel           F4=List
Esc+5=Reset         F6=Command          F7=Edit             F8=Image         
F9=Shell            F10=Exit            Enter=Do          

Since we are not using DNS initially, add the hostnames and IP addresses to the /etc/hosts file
# vi  /etc/hosts      nim41      c31      c32      c33

Install the ssh_server bundle

# smitty easy_install
  Move cursor to desired item and press Enter.
    /dev/cd0             (Virtual SCSI Optical Served by VIO Server)

                  Install Software Bundle

Type or select values in entry fields.

Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.
[TOP]                                                   [Entry Fields]       
* INPUT device / directory for software               /dev/cd0
* BUNDLE                                              openssh_server
* SOFTWARE to install                                [all]                   +
  PREVIEW only? (install operation will NOT occur)    no
  COMMIT software updates?                            yes                    +
  SAVE replaced files?                                no                     +
  AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software?           yes                    +
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                yes                    +
  VERIFY install and check file sizes?                no                     +
  Include corresponding LANGUAGE filesets?            yes                    +
  DETAILED output?                                    no                     +
  Process multiple volumes?                           yes                    +
  ACCEPT new license agreements?                      yes                    +

  Selected Filesets

  openssh.base.server              # Open Secure Shell Server                # Open Secure Shell Documentat...
  openssh.msg.en_US                # Open Secure Shell Messages -...
  openssl.license                  ; # Open Secure Socket License
  (being installed automatically;  required by filesets listed above)
  openssh.base.client              # Open Secure Shell Commands

openssl.license         USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
openssh.base.client      USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
openssh.base.server      USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
openssh.base.client      ROOT        APPLY       SUCCESS
openssh.base.server      ROOT        APPLY       SUCCESS
openssh.msg.en_US       USR         APPLY       SUCCESS       USR         APPLY       SUCCESS

File /etc/group has been modified.

File /etc/passwd has been modified.

# lssrc -s sshd
Subsystem         Group            PID          Status
 sshd             ssh              6553758      active

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