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Written by Michael Felt   

Backup for Easy Distribution (optional)

At this point all the resources needed to install systems are prepared andthat makes it a good moment to make a backup of the nim configuration and the volume group so that can be easily distributed to other servers. Normally this is done usig smit - but using smit and F6 (or Esc-6) I determine the command I need is:

/usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_backup_db $FILE

so I am just going to put my backup in /export/nim/nimdb.initial.backup

# /usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_backup_db  /export/nim/nimdb.initial.backup 
a ./etc/objrepos/nim_attr 8 blocks.
a ./etc/objrepos/ 8 blocks.
a ./etc/objrepos/nim_object 8 blocks.
a ./etc/objrepos/ 8 blocks.
a ./etc/NIM.level 1 blocks.
a ./etc/niminfo 1 blocks.
a ./etc/NIM.primary.cpuid 1 blocks.

And with that saved into /export I'll make a logical volume in the extra space I have in rootvg and put the savevg file there until I have time to transport it to a DVD.

# df -g | grep /export
/dev/lvExp         0.06      0.06    1%       10     1% /export
/dev/lvMksb        4.00      1.85   54%        6     1% /export/mksysb
/dev/lv6106        4.00      1.95   52%      607     1% /export/6106
/dev/lv6106s        2.00      1.36   33%    16140     5% /export/6106/spot

# mklv -y lvNimBackup -t jfs2 rootvg 8G
# crfs -v jfs2 -m /tmp/nimBackup -d lvNimBackup
File system created successfully.
8388148 kilobytes total disk space.
New File System size is 16777216
# mount /tmp/nimBackup

Usage:  savevg [-X] [-V] [-i] [-m] [-e] [-b blocks] [-f device] [-p] [-v] [-r] [-a] [-A] [-Z] vgName

-X      Expand /tmp if needed.
-V      Verify backup readability (tape only).
-i      Create the <vgname>.data file.
-m      Create the <vgname>.data file and physical partition maps.
-e      Exclude the files/directories listed in /etc/exclude.<vgname>.
-v      List files as they are backed up.
-p      Do not pack files as they are backed up.
-b blocks       Number of 512-byte blocks to write in a single
                output operation.
-f device       Name of device to receive the backup information.
                Default is /dev/rmt0
-r      Back up the user Volume Group information files only.
-a      Do not backup extended attributes or NFS4 ACLs
-A      Back up DMAPI filesystem files.
-Z      Do not back up encrypted files.
vgName  Name of Volume Group to backup.

# echo ${OSLEVEL}
# savevg -i -f /tmp/nimBackup/vgNim.${OSLEVEL}.savevg vgNim

Creating information file for volume group vgNim.

Creating list of files to back up.

Backing up 18608 files.........

18608 of 18608 files (100%)
0512-038 savevg: Backup Completed Successfully.
# ls -l /tmp/nimBackup
total 9558208
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     system          256 Mar 06 09:43 lost+found
-rw-r--r--    1 root     system   4893798400 Mar 06 09:49 vgNim.6106.savevg

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