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Written by Michael Felt   

What are your favorite tools?

My favorite tools are focused around monitoring current behavior aka performance monitoring. Until 1999 I was satisfied with vmstat as a "one size fits all" for basic monitoring and troubleshooting. In 1999 AIX 4.3.3
was enhanced with topas as a standard tool and that tool became my favorite for the more specific statistics - especially with regard to paging activity (not to be confused with paging space activity).

If I saw PAGING SPACE statistics I was fairly certain the system was poorly sized and/or tuned. AIX should not be paging to any extent that it is observeable.


Monitoring and Troubleshooting

I was not a fan of nmon, mainly because I am satisfied with text output. More important, I do not really like working with spreadsheets when I can avoid it. However, when setup for long-term monitoring using nmon with a 5 minute sample is much better than data collection using sar (imho). The workload consolidation and trend analysis spreadsheets make nmon a valuable tool. You just need to watch out for the limitations of using a spreadsheet.

Other current favorites are lpar2rdd and pgraph. And like many, I'll be looking into Ganglia.

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