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Written by Michael Felt   

AIX Certification ... continuing story

I took two more tests - and as I feared, failed the HACMP 000-102: High Availability for AIX - Technical Support and Administration one. However, to my surprise, being honest, I passed what I thought was going to be the easiest test -  000-109: Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux - v2.

Why a surprise? Because it was the first AIX exam that I did not finish with lots of time to spare. To my frustration they used different "labels" that what I learned initially (I have to go check current documentation to see if the labels have been changed everywhere (e.g. Adapter ID rather then PVID). I am used to Adapter ID meaning the virtual slot number in the location code (e.g. V1-C21, where 21 would be the adapter id). This made reading questions take minutes to read and digest, rather than seconds to two minutes (90 minutes for the entire test). Fortunately, I could figure out what the best answer was by a process of elimination - could not be that, or that, or that - so must be this.

For the HACMP test - I was not so lucky. Now I have my first ever - failed exam. Need more experience/memory of the command line cluster admin commands.

In review, while I think they had a number of bad questions - poorly phrased sentences in particular, I think what they were attempting to measure was good. They way was often dependent on whether you happen to know how a command is spelled, or the options are spelled. All the tests have some Power7 related material in them - so a few questions at least have been updated in every test. Butthe differences between the -v2 and the HACMP/SystemMirror tests is rather large. The HACMP test, as mentioned onthe certification site, is focused on HACMP/PowerHA 5.5, notversion 6.1 or 7.1. (hence, if you are new toSystemMirror/PowerHA/HACMP -it may be tough going).

In short, I had promised a bit more information after I took these two exams. I now have three exams passed, and one to go. So first I am going to spend some time practising/memorizing HACMP command-linecommands - that  I hope are generic from HACMP5.5 through SystemMirror 7.1.

"Sometime Soon" I will write up some hints for test taking behaviors.

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