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Written by Michael Felt   

One of the dangers of making something yourself is that you know, because you made it, where and how to find things. And with this site, it has been like that for me. I could find things regardless of where they where because I knew what I struggled with when I added something. Over the years, unfortunately, the Joomla side of the site has gotten cluttered - i.e., Site Navigation has been difficult.

The cause is simple: I never took the time to really setup a single model for using Joomla Sections and Categories, confounded by having too many categories. I really do not like to give things names - unique numerical identifiers are so simple Wink.

To improve Site Navigation I have redone the vgGuides menu and it's sub-items to be more consistent and help readers - like yourself - find the information you are looking for. BTW - do not forget to try the Search found on every page.

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