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Written by Michael Felt   

Updating NIM

Note: this is an article that I will continue to update. RL teaches me that I prepare "parts" and do not publish, as I wait/look for time to finish the missing "parts" Roughly speaking there are two NIM update paths - especially for lpp_sources and spots:

  • New resources
  • Update existing resources

This article assumes you have looked at my HOWTO: Install a NIM Server article already.

Add a new LPP Source and SPOT from a DVD

There is a script on the next page you can copy/paste to a notepad and then save as a script. It will have a background looking like this.

echo "An example script in a highlighted area!"
The key parts of the script is to look at current oslevel, and guess at DVD oslevel by looking for bos.rte.install and building a "DVDLEVEL" string that can be used for creating the logical volums and filesystems for an lpp_source and a spot.

Based on this data I will work on creating a set of commands to update a DVD lpp_source to a level that can be updated via SUMA and/or an ftp download from Fix Central. This will be "coming soon".

Update an existing lpp_source using SUMA and bff_create

-- scripted ideally. "Coming soon".


Click next (the right one!) for the script to create an new lpp_source and spot from an installable DVD.

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