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For a limited time - code expires 31/12/2012 - and a limited number of seats - IBM is offering at "no additional change" ILO - Instructor Led Online - training on CLOUD!

Interested - read on for the instructions!

Choose a (only 1!) class from links

You or an employee of your firm may use priority code CLOUDILOto enroll in oneof the Instructor-led Online (ILO) classes listed below. No travel is requiredand you will not be charged when you enter priority codeCLOUDILOat the time of enrollment.Eligible Classes

Eligible classes:

Or browse/visit

Remember: the code is permitted for only one class!

  1. Use links above, or visit:
  2. Click on “Global Training Search”
  3. Search on course code (listed above)
  4. Review schedule and enroll
  5. Submit priority code CLOUDILOfor payment
  6. No charge will appear


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