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Written by Michael Felt   

How too minimal can be unsecure!

Or, are you having problems getting X11 applications to connect?

Recently I was trying to be more "safe" installing only a minimum of filesets with my base AIX install.
This meant I did not install the "client" graphics (I have not installed CDE/KDE/Gnome Desktop aka X11
server software in years). But now I am installing it again!

Design is broken! Cry

Why? Well security is also "available", and sometime X11 client ability is needed for an application to install.
Not having it installed meant that X11 forwarding cannot work - automatically - and maybe not at all, as
xauth and xhost are missing. And the more secure versions of X11 (basically anything older than X11R5) expect
xauth to be available.
So, if it turns out you are missing .Xauthority then what you need to install is X11.app.config - plus the 20 some dependancies -
and you are ready to go!

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