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Written by Michael Felt   

The last year, and especially the last 3 months I have been working on presentations and installations of LDAP on AIX. From the article I just finished - What's new in LDAP on AIX? I must admit the "new" is not really new in calander time - these changes have been around since 2007! And it has taken more time that I could have imagined to understand, in detail, what and why has changed.

The short answer is "packaging". For example, DB2 stopped providing installation files in system dependent formats but went for a single type of installation file (looks like that choose *.tar.gz) and platform dependent installation programs. And the ldap.{server|client}.* filesets moved out of AIX security labs to Tivoli and SWG (software group) - so the names changed to idsldap.{manythings}.*6X - where X is the version number.

So be expecting more news on LDAP on AIX in my blog SecuringAIX and here as I ge tthe process more and more automated.

And, in case you did not know - LDAP on AIX is still provided at no additional charge - as long as the ldap server and (restricted) db2 is used solely for AIX administration. The ldap clients may connect to anything - but then you are probably not getting all that you should be - for more secure AIX administration.

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