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Written by Michael Felt   

Just a quick update on what I have been working on - in my spare time - since my last entry. The topics are: openLDAP - what's new; efs - time to study; Linux (debian netinst) on Power.

openLDAP - what's new?

openLDAP compiled quite well - practically without incident. However, I had a few concerns with some errors encountered while running "make test". The key was to modify the amount of data allocated to the data segment (the default size of 256MByte for the last test was too small, it wants > 400 Mbyte)

efs - time to study/learn/master!

efs - encrypted file system: I have not had a need, personally, to use efs and most customers who need it - already have it configured. So there have not been many opportunities for me to need to know it. Reading the news, and the growing need for compliance around data security makes me think it is a good topic to study.

Debian on Power/ Linux on Power

Linux on Power: I used to have a URL for this, but I stopped renewing it when there was no interest. Sad for me. My interest for Linux on Power is back and my ultimate test is a netinst (network install) using the debian installer. Looking very good -- but there are some issues with the yaboot.conf settings and ybin with the current ISO download (v7.1.0). I'll keep you posted as this moves forward.

Also in the news: openpower.org - IBM and "others" to promote Linux on POWER systems .

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