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Written by Michael Felt   
Finally - after about a month in real time - I have it finished - OpenSSH v6.8 Portable for AIX.
As a reference, my prior version of OpenSSH for AIX (from IBM) was version 6.0p1. And last February, I started experimenting with OpenSSH v6.7p1. (To see what version you have - as well as the level of OpenSSL it is using use ssh -V).

Replacing my first attempt at packaging OpenSSH for AIX

This version replaces my first experiment with packaging OpenSSH souurce available
for download from the openbsd portal.
My first packaging of OpenSSH had two core flaws in the "packaging".
The first was the necessity to do some, to a lot, of additional customization
before you could actually use it. The second flaw was that it needed additional
libraries that you might not have already installed. Part b of this flaw was that there
was a version for AIX 5.3 TL7 through AIX 6.1 TL8, and one for AIX 6.1 TL9
through AIX 7.1 TL3.

A parallel install - leaves AIX version configuration - asis

The new version fully automates the installation and customization. If a previous
AIX openssh is installed (i.e., fileset openssh.base.server) then the install copies
the system keys from /etc/ssh to /var/openssh/etc. Additionally, for backwards compatibility
some old ciphers (i.e., the old defaults) are added to be sure what worked before
will work afterwards. (Look at /var/openssh/etc/sshd_config after you install).

Support available via forums

Please give it a try-out on your current "gold-image" and see if it is all I
am trying to promise. If you have any difficulties - let me know via and I shall see if it is working as designed
(but the design is broken) - or if you found a packaging error.

More info available at:
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