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Written by Michael Felt   
Back from vacation - and I see there have been some patches to bash bring the version number to bash-4.3.42 (for 42 official patch releases).
See for links to the new version.
Brief descriptions of the three new patches are:

Bash-Release: 4.3

Patch-ID: bash43-040

Bug-Reported-by: Jean Delvare


There is a memory leak that occurs when bash expands an array reference on the rhs of an assignment statement.

Patch-ID: bash43-041

Bug-Reported-by: Hanno Böck


There are several out-of-bounds read errors that occur when completing command lines where assignment statements appear before the command name. The first two appear only when programmable completion is enabled; the last one only happens when listing possible completions.

Patch-ID: bash43-042

Bug-Reported-by: Nathan Neulinger Bug-Reference-URL:


There is a problem when parsing command substitutions containing `case' commands within pipelines that causes the parser to not correctly identify the end of the command substitution.
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