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Written by Michael Felt   
Nothing fancy this week, at least not to me. Is that boring? Or worse - pointless!  I would hope not - or I would have to characterize my life as boring and/or useless. Actually, my problem with a week like this is simple - I find it difficult to find anything inspiring to write about.
However, now that I think about it - there may be something useful - finally completing something I have wanted to finish for quite a few months!
My week has been:
  • trying to get caught up with new releases of opensource (managed to get the new releases of LibreSSL packaged
  • discussing a critsit (critical situation)
  • doing some research on ipsec
  • But now that I think about it - the win for me this week was reading through some old examples on how to use CSS to create a three column table - and use that to create my new POWER8 firmware listings.
So, nothing fancy or exciting - but I hope useful in the weeks to come!
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