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Written by Michael Felt   
  • Regular weeks seem to abound - and that means there is little time for learning about new things - like the announcements about Power and AIX - already two weeks ago.
  • Have "bitten the bullet" on a couple of topics
    • libtool - better GNU "autobuild" toolchain - autoconf, automake and libtool. I am going to start digging into how these are meant to work as I am getting tired of all the things GNU projects are starting to hardcode for gcc.
    • XML DTD - learning how to actually read a formal definition for a XML interface. This is a precursor to several things: XSLT (a language to transform XML to a different layout, e.g. XHTML), and for AIX - to better understand how to write ipsec config XML input files.
  • Next week I am at Cannes, POWER TechU - and will learn, finally, the ins (and maybe some outs) of the October Announcements!
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