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Written by Michael Felt   


  • I almost have cloud-init running on AIX - without a long long list of RPM requirements!
  • The first milestone was to get a version of python working.
  • If you have AIX 6.1 or AIX 7.1 and openssl.base- or later installed you have the key requirements already.

Cloud-Init status update

My biggest problem with cloud-init right now is understanding some of the messages it is complaining about.
However what I have installed - after installing python, setuptools and pip are:

Download cloud-init from: (I downloaded mine to /data/prj/launchpad, and unpacked it there using "gzip -dc | tar xf -")

Some discovery was needed - this summarizes the process fairly well: (The aixtools installp (aka BFF) format files are in /data/aixtools/tools and /data/aixtools/gnu directories (how I set them up for sharing - you could just put them all in one directory!) - Do not forget to modify PATH. And, /opt/bin/make is needed until you start a new shell (i.e., as long as "type make" returns /usr/bin/make

# installp -d /data/aixtools/tools -aXc aixtools.python.rte
# export PATH=${PATH}:/opt/bin
# cd /data/prj/aixtools/python/setuptools
# python ./
# cd ../pip/pip-7.1.2
# python ./ install
# /data/prj/launchpad/cloud-init-0.7.6
# pip install nose
# pip install mocker
# pip install PyYAML
# pip install requests
# pip install httpretty
# pip install jsonpatch
# pip install configobj
# pip install pyserial
# installp -d /data/aixtools/gnu -aXc aixtools.gnu.make
# rm -f nohup.out; nohup /opt/bin/make
# egrep "^ImportError" nohup.out
ImportError: No module named oauth.oauth
# pip install oauth
Collecting oauth
  Downloading oauth-1.0.1.tar.gz
Installing collected packages: oauth
  Running install for oauth
Successfully installed oauth-1.0.1
# rm -f nohup.out; nohup /opt/bin/make

And now you are far as I am!

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