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Written by Michael Felt   
After some online chat with a colleague in Turkey I went to chmod666's blog on Cloud-init for AIX and learned that you cannot follow the version numbers anymore, unfortunately.
I had downloaded version 0.7.6 from launchpad but should have downloaded the modified 0.7.5 from github that @chmod666 recommends. Today I saw yet another 0.7.6 version on github - so version numbering is not going to work well I fear. In any case, version 0.7.6 does not mean it includes modifications/additions from 0.7.5.

The good news!

When I download the zip file that @chmod666 recommends I can run ./ for both build and install. ASAP I shall complete the packaging (including python it looks like) into one, but probably two installp packages (.I files). One being the base python, and the second being all the additional python packages including cloud-init.
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