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Written by Michael Felt   

The week that was

The week is not done yet, but the work for this week is fairly well set: lessons learned on

  • Linux on Power
  • R for AIX

Linux on Power

Real customer response: "If I had known it was this easy I would have started months ago"!

Basically what we did is follow the outline of my (nearly ancient) HOWTO install Wheezy (debian). Rather than use the debian netinstall image we used Redhat Enterprise 7.1 dvd (.iso) instead. The great news (to me) is that RH (RedHat) now installs properly without requiring VNC. IMHO the RH7.X CLI installer  is much better than the RH6.7 CLI  installer. Again, the great news is that RH seems to realize that using VNC is not always an option - or even fun.

R for AIX

This is a porting project I have been working on since the beginning of December. To put it simply, besides bugs (one in AIX bos.adt.libm packaging, and one in R (the tre component) there are certain idiosyncrasies in how the GNU (aka gcc) and IBM compilers ultimately link objects into shared libraries and programs.

Hopefully, with the aforementioned bugs behind me I can start puzzling out the last bits. There is a chance of one last issue (maybe a bug, maybe just platform difference between Linux and AIX or even GNU versus POSIX). In short, not done yet, but more to come. (I put updates on the forums at http://forums.rootvg.net/aixtools/r-for-aix/

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