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Written by Michael Felt   

Just did my first install of AIX 7.2 from a virtual DVD (i.e., ISO image installed on a VIOS is an image repository) and my very first impressions are:

Installation menus

Looks like AIX install

Default language is no longer C/C/C but is now en_US and iso-8859-1 (and keyboard says undefined when I check in smit)

There options to install openssh client and server

Once up and running

Again, it is AIX - recognizeable from 1992-1993 when AIX v3 came out is repackaged

the filesets and are empty. They have been replaced by several filesets that are named and when there is a client something and a server something they are two filesets, e.g., and bos.tcp.tcp.dhcpd


Basically, there are still filesets such as that are installed, but is not. Not sure what the poiltics is behind choices like these - but it does mean I will take (and suggest taking) time to learn these packaging differences.

More later

This is "just a BLOG", not an indepth study. That shall come - but later.

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