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Written by Michael Felt   

What system you are using NTP on?

The discoveries of openings in the NTP protocol for hacking into systems is pervasive into all operating systems - including AIX. One announcement in 2014, one in 2015- and 4 or 5 announcements (depending on how you want to count them) in the first 6 months of 2016.

In short, this year, the number and rate of discoveries have increased dramatically. So, thinking you are not affected is just putting your head in the sand - unless you are not using NTP at all.

A quick review of the announcements for AIX since 2014:

Announcements as of 09 June 2016

 ntp4_advisory.asc                21-Jan-2016 15:02  9.6K 

 ntp_advisory.asc                 08-Jul-2014 08:01   14K 
 ntp_advisory2.asc                13-Mar-2015 13:02   15K 
 ntp_advisory3.asc                15-Feb-2016 13:02   10K 
 ntp_advisory4.asc                21-Jan-2016 15:02   15K 
 ntp_advisory5.asc                22-Feb-2016 08:02  9.3K 
 ntp_advisory6.asc                09-Jun-2016 11:02   17K  

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