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Written by Ozan Uzun   

Virtual HMC has two versions, one for KVM, one for ESXi

I am running vHMC/KVM on my Linux laptop, it is fast and stable.


There are supported tools to convert vmdk files to oVirt guest disks. Means you can convert vHMC esxi image for a oVirt guest (virt-v2v or qemu-img)

I was able to import ESXi KVM image to my oVirt setup easily.


What about vHMC KVM imge to oVirt ( Redhat Enterprise Virtualization) migration?

vHMC KVM image consists of a xml file and a raw disk image. It is very easy to import on a standalone KVM host. On a oVirt system, technically it is not supported.

There is one libvirt --> ovirt perl script on the net, which is not working on my v3.5.


Create a new guest on oVirt with the exact disk size (thin provision is ok -160GB) on fc or NFS (recommended) and change disk files. Ensure existence on two virtual nics or HMC wil crash on boot.



For fc or nfs find the corresponding disk file which is something like :


0e87951c-7af8-4b02-a1ae-efe149a1375a file under the directory



For FC disk, you have to use dd command which will copy 160GB of data, eventhough the virtual disk size is 20GB. 


For NFS it is faster easier, just find that file replace the file with the disk1.img

Ensure right owner/permissions of disk file. 

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