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Written by Michael Felt   

Canonical said in a statement it had been working with IBM to ensure users of zSystems mainframes, LinuxONE, Power Systems and OpenPower got the same “experience” in terms of management and use as OpenStack customers on x86.

Canonical rings a bell for me - because I am looking at "hacking" a new version of cloud-init for AIX - mainly to get it done in a way that it can join the Canonical mainstream of cloud-init (currently at version 0.7.8 - and check out my blog about the easiest to install cloud-init for AIX !)

Back to the news!

Canonical claims Ubuntu is the most popular operating system in cloud, with more than two million Ubuntu Linux instances launched in the cloud in 2015.

It also claims to run 55 per cent of OpenStack production clouds.

E870C and E880C Power Systems for the cloud, running AIX, IBM i and Linux, have OpenStack-based cloud management (Cloud PowerVC Manager) and elastic consumption attributes, meaning users can extend on-premises compute resources out to the IBM cloud – z Systems Operational Insights is a SaaS-based service offering analytic insights on cloud operations.

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