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Written by Michael Felt   

I am learning there are key differences in NAS disks - lots of reading the last month after the last scare when a RAID array went into "degraded" mode.

And again this week when "the other" array went offline (and took my server down with it).

So, as I look to buy new disks I am considering "lower performance" (5400 rather than 7200 rpm) - and also making sure the disks are rated for 6+ bay NAS - vibration in parallel.

Compared to old SCSI (limited to 150-600G) that seemed to be indestrucible (had a few at 35G and 70G) running 7x24 for over 10 years with never a problem - versus "NAS" SATA disks - 7 disks, 7 failures (with 5 replacements! under warrenty).

The 5-year versus 3-year warrenty is looking more important too!

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