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Written by Michael Felt   

OpenSSL - there is "suddenly" a lot happening. The sudden is that sites and portals are now really enforcing TLS1.2 connections (some so far to not even support "not-encrypted" aka port 80 connections).

And so, the things I was thinking about back when I started "part 1 " over a year ago (i.e., lot really so sudden - there was lots of time to prepare) have now come to be the status quo.

In short, I got bit by my own predictitions - in part because of a typo (thinking I was looking for /var/ssl/cacert.pem when I had "hard-coded" /var/ssl/capert.pem.

In any case - I had to get to work with my AIXTOOLS packaging.

The short story: you need at least openssl.base.  (currently latest version is openssl.base. via IBM AIX Web Download Programs.

So - the message to take with you today: get the latest OpenSSL for AIX from  IBM AIX Web Download Programs. Additionally, take a look at some packages that rely on OpenSSL that I have repackaged for AIX - e.g., python , git , and curl. If you have any questions or issues with the packages - leave a note at the forum for AIXTOOLS.

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