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Written by Michael Felt   

Just saw a retweet - and followed it to see that IBM is being more serious about having opensource "more" current. But it is hard to be current - as I know from what I do on my own - for myself mainly. So, when I saw the IBM httpd package was newer than mine - I thought - time to get updated.

As an example, mine packaging is at level 2.4.20 and IBM's is at 2.4.23 - and the current level is 2.4.25. Hard to be current. Example 2: my curl is at 7.52.1(the current level) and IBM's is at 7.51.0. Again - Hard to be current.

As "aixtools" I make my packages available for others. And I post, frequently how I package - so you could do it yourself.

I value "openness" and have appreciated that Michael Perzl, e.g., always bundles the RPM src as well as the binary because there is no other way to know - for sure - what is in the .spec file (compareable to the installp liblpp.a file contents)

Anyway - back to being more current. Back in August I started with httpd-2.4.23 and getting it packaged as 64-bit rather than 32-bit. I won't bother you with the details - but it was complicated - getting all the prerequisites also to both 32- and 64-bit (don't want 32-bit things to break). And as it was complicated, work got in the way and I never got it cleaned up enough for publishing. So, I'll work on that - asap - and have it ready to load.

p.s. Happy New Year.

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