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Written by Michael Felt   

Up to date and minimal dependencies

After much deliberation - I am commiting myself to provide an up to date Python for AIX - both Python2 (currently Python-2.7.15) and Python3 (currently Python3-3.6.5).

  • I strive to have python install with no dependencies. And, make sure it is uninstallable.

  • Note: Python3-3.5.5 and Python3-3.4.8 are so-called "final" releases. Only security fixes are expected. See PEP478 and PEP429 respectively).

  • To see the AIX specific improvements I am adding - see and check out the "aix" branches - e.g., aix.v3.6.5

Python2-2.7 is not being updated with features. Python2 is merely "maintained". However, due to differences between Python2 and Python3 - many mods are still  only useable when working from Python2.

Python3 - as I am now packaging it - can be installed in parallel with Python2. Libraries and mods are in seperate directories and the command names - are different, by default. They are almost the same - just add a '3' to the command name. The good bit is that this facilitates having one version of Python3 installed side-by-side with Python2.

Where to get "aixtools" packaging for Python?

Python2 ->

Python3 ->

As usual, questions, issues, etc. Please post on AIXTOOLS Forums

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